Simfònics Acadèmia Orquestral

An orchestral academy based in Barcelona, Spain that unites people of different backgrounds and social statuses through symphonic music.

Type: UX/UI – Web Design – Corporate Identity

Tools: Figma, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator

_ 2021

Analysis & Research

The main objective of this project was to lay the basis for a strong online presence to reach the target audience directly, in a time when the pandemic is still among us.

It is an association that wants to offer a space where people of different backgrounds and origins, levels, and life goals can grow and develop social values through music.

Since there was a deep strong social component that this project contained, firstly, I carried out interviews as well as a deep analysis of the target group in order to completely understand the main needs involved. This whole process was the biggest challenge I faced due to the Covid Situation.
It was definitely a very beautiful and meaningful project for me.

Final Project Proposal


Both the Simfonics website and the whole identity design aim to convey a sense of closeness and reflect its entire social base. At the same time, on the web, I have tried to make all the information as accessible and clear as possible so that anyone can find what they are looking for quickly, regardless of the device they use. The responsive design had top priority from the beginning of the project.


  • Prominent color identity in both Web Design and Graphic Design
  • Minimalistic  approach
  • «Mobile first» philosophy



Music is a social tool

The importance of good visibility may be obvious, but it is still an unresolved matter in some sectors. The involvement of designers in this type of project can make a huge difference. Helping platforms that are committed to improving society, reaching as many people as possible, is something that we can all eventually benefit from.


As the world changes, perhaps being very good at something is sometimes not enough. I was always interested in design and technologies but it took me a long time until I approached them. I had a fear that I would become a worse musician if I spent time on other things. In this project, I understood that I can be both, a musician, and a committed designer. Multidisciplinarity is definitely a good and fulfilling choice.

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