7circles Musikverein

An artistic collective that seeks to launch contemporary art on stage through multidisciplinary proposals.

Type: UX/UI – Web Design – Corporate Identity

Tools: Adboe XD, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator

_ 2021

Analysis & Research

The goal from the beginning was to turn an old abstract idea into a real one.
The pandemic provoked much discouragement and uncertainty among artists of all places, and these three women decided to overcome that and create their own platform to develop their own art style.

This verein offers artistic proposals that involve many different artists and fields of expertise, bringing them together in order to create new artistic and multidisciplinary approaches.

The interview process was very insightful for me and I could understand how important was for them to showcase the variety of what they do. So of course that was the main ingredient in the process of brand identity creation.

Final Project Proposal


Both the 7circles website and the whole identity design aim to reflect the elegance and the variety of approaches to art that they develop within this Verein. At the same time, on the web, I have tried to make all the information clear and clean, regardless of the device they use. The responsive design was a «must» for this project in order to easily reach the target audience.


  • Color pallet based on deep blue in combination with shiny sparks on goldish yellow, intending to reflect the expertise as well as the richness of their artistic approach.
  • Minimalistic  approach
  • «Mobile first» philosophy


Art is a product too

Having a presence in visual media is essential for ideas to grow. I have seen that many artists believe that it is not something to take care of, but perhaps these thoughts are so due to the lack of understanding of both sides. Artists should evolve a business consciousness, and designers should understand that the product that these artists sell has very personal roots, and therefore that has to be treated in a very personal way. Maybe some pedagogy will be worth it to cross ways.

Summing up

The constant relationship with the client while the work is in progress might be both inspiring and helpful but also an overwhelming experience. information is flowing up to us in a continuous way. I’ve learned to listen as well as keep the distance in order to sum all the information up and be able to come up with the most convenient approach.

Browse it:  7circles.at