I face washing for one of the best festivals for contemporary music.

A personal and very exciting project for me. Contemporary music is a very interesting part of the artistic spectrum. By doing this project, I wanted to shape the personal identity that this art deserves.



UX/UI/ Graphic Design – Newsletter


Illustrator, Photoshop

Analysis & Research

I started with an analysis of the newsletter that IMPULS currently delivers. The design of it was the first me that caught my attention. It was intended as a normal email, no images were included, links were completely nude and nothing would really catch the interest of the readers. 

After that, I started the research process in terms of typography, colors, branding, images, etc. I got inspiration from other websites and newsletters which are related to contemporary arts o design and so I developed my idea about how IMPULS’s face would look like, respecting as much as possible its identity and taken into account the audience that this kind of festival attracts.

Final Project Proposal


My final proposal is based on a redesign of the existing newsletter of IMPULS – Festival for contemporary music.

I followed the original design guides. I decided to group the elements inside squares to keep the information clear, following the GESTALT principle of proximity. The image is a black and white texture which provides the feeling of harshness (something related to contemporary arts since they are not easy to approach and tend to develop towards a «not-human» thing) while keeping it minimalistic

The main challenge for me and the crucial goal was to keep the essence of IMPULS but offering the information in a more attractive way. I established an information architecture according to my own logic but trying to maintain as much as possible from the original intention. The yellow color is an important part of IMPULS’s brand so I tried to not only keep it but enhance it. So it will be the color that catches the attention of the audience and invites them to continue the

Design guide

Name and logo: #FFFFFF –  #E8B627

Background color: #FFFFFF / #000000

Font family: Helvetica (headings) – Saphiro (body) : Easy to read. Has minimalistic traces that suits the texture of the stone in the back..


The music is also visual

As musicians, we receive training to open our ears and somehow close our eyes. When I came to Graz to study contemporary music, I understood that music and visual content are not separate things. Caring about how music looks besides how it sounds is necessary to the welfare and the growth of the music business.


Or multitasking, but on purpose.
As the world changes, we see that being very good at one specific thing is sometimes not enough. I was always interested in design and technologies but never made the step in order to learn or study them because I had a fear that I would become a worse musician if I spent time on other things. While doing this project I understood that the more I know the more tools I have to do a good job in a wide range of fields. Investing in versatility is always a good choice.