Holding Graz

Redesign of ticket machines achieving a corona-friendly solution to move safely throughout the Austrian city.

Contactless proposal to travel on the Graz public transport while learning about tracking hand/leap motion technologies.

Type: UI/Interaction Design 

holding graz

Contactless as prevention

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Using leap motion technology, I have designed a mockup of a possible service that could be offered to the public within the network of urban transport in Graz: contactless ticket purchase. 

The process to buy a ticket is exactly the same that was already implemented but delivering it in a contactless way, offering to the users a safer framework while the pandemic preventions are still a topical issue.

Design guide

Logo and colors: Holding Graz branding: Green (#6EC00F) + white (#FFFFFF) + Red (#FF5734)

Font-family: Futura, minimalistic and pleasant to read.

Icons: Inspired from the original version in a more friendly and modern style.


The unspoken problem of contact

Touching supermarket products, holding onto a railing, even hugging have become things we think twice before doing them.

That is why contactless solutions have become a reality and they are spreading more and more, offering people the possibility to continue living their lives without altering them more than they have been already changed and, above all, making people feel safer.

I find it an interesting reflection and the clear evidence that technology is here to help us.

Learning rapidly

This field of expertise is a whole new environment for me.

I did have learned and heard about many things related to this field in the past. Among those things was also the leap motion hand tracking device, because I had brief contact with VR, but I never used it personally back then.

It was about one year ago when I decided to immerse myself in this new business. And along with this decision, came the pandemic.

This situation has been continuous learning together with a slight feeling of a rush, a very exciting scenario to land in a new way of life for me.