I am a cellist educated in the classical tradition and specialized in the contemporary repertoire. My experience has been developed in three different countries. In Spain, I absorbed from the beginning the fundamentals of symphonic music, later I buried myself in the opera and ballet tradition at La Scala in Milan and then I could explore the limits of my instrument on the Austrian stages. All this has made me build-up a very complete and versatile profile.

Along the way I have made stops also in folk music from different cultures and author music, in addition to my recent immersion in film music, collaborating in the studio with different composers out from the classical context.

Remote sessions offer me the possibility to provide to anyone in the world, what I’ve been gathering over the years, ensuring total adaptability to the requirements of each occasion, making out of it a personalized and unique experience.

What is it and how it works?

It is about having the possibility of recording a composition for this instrument in an easy and fast way, achieving a premium quality staying at home. The beginning is a WAV file with the idea. From there on, the joint work starts exchanging recordings and feedback and so we continue until we find what fits perfectly with what you are looking for.

That is to say:

You write your track.

You send it to me along with a brief note with your first thoughts, explaining your idea.

I send you a recording back in MP3 format with the first version that we have obtained.

We make all the necessary changes, both in your ideas and in my playing, to get exactly what you want.

– Of course, we can do all this in real-time sessions-

What I offer

Total reliability and professionalism during the creative process, in addition to an entirely custom result.


Zoom / Skype / VST connection *

Direct sound

Minimal latency


Logic Pro X



AKG 214

Audience ID 14

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