It comes from…

My experience as a teacher was raised in music schools and offering private cello lessons to young students from 8 to 22. Within them, I have found those who want to run a professional career and those who are just looking for pleasure.

As a result of this experience, my interest in musical education and its spreading has remarkably increased. Indeed, I consider these two factors an essential part of the sustainability of the art, which I dream to make accessible to every single person.

What I’m talking about

This thought, together with the specialized training that I have lately got regarding contemporary music, I have designed a project which combines distinct areas from the music. Whether classical or current.

But besides that, I also have imagined a connection between music and other artistic fields.

About those “other” artistic disciplines, I have taken into account those which are linked to the performance. Theatre for instance.

But furthermore, I think about those integrated into the visual environment, visual arts. And all the ongoing technological possibilities we have close at hand.

The technology is here and it will stay with us. The music shouldn’t be apart.

My point

To summarize the subject: What I bring up here is a hypothesis about how this kind of holistic training could be favorable in the development of skills, which are directly associated with a good integration of performers within the current society.

Being a musician means more than it seems. The profession is wider than we could firstly think, it is a 360 degrees experience which still has many undiscovered perspectives.

The XXI century is our Stage. And it might be interesting to think about turning it into our “comfort zone”. And transform that learning into an essential part of our artistic and personal evolution.

Psychologists specialized in therapy with professional musicians and many studies focused on the general and formative development of children and teenagers, helped me to collect the necessary information to approach this project.