On the stage

barbieri nacional

I mainly perform in orchestra, working on symphonic repertoire, opera and ballet. It is still impressive and exciting for me to realize that many people are able to reach a shared idea or feeling and work together on it, building musical monuments.

In the same way as in the orchestra, the ensemble for me is a stage for a common creation, although I understand the role of the performer in a different way. It is perhaps more autonomous, with other responsibilities or approaches from within the group, resulting in a unique idea.


The communication while playing chamber music is a very special situation for me both personally and musically. If we talk about emotional and psychological implications, the space offered by chamber music is a perfect scenario to develop and experiment with other musicians, and speaking in terms of repertoire, it is, in my opinion, where composers always lend the best of themselves. Therefore, the investigation into this universe can be endless.

All facets that exist within us are discovered through a continuous inner observation. Through this observation, we can explore how our consciousness and malleability towards the interpretation of different works increases our ability to reach different fields of ourselves that we didn’t know about. The world of the “solo” repertoire is an unlimited path from which we can take profit constantly.

lugano solo