On lessons


For a while now, I have offered private violoncello lessons. I began teaching at the school where I took my first musical steps, “Sirinx”. Sharing ideas and communicating them are essential pillars for me and that is why I am very interested in exploring the role of a teacher during the musical development of each person. Since I am very familiar with extended techniques on the cello within the contemporary repertoire, I have a lot of interest in the research of how this approach to the instrument could be integrated in the violoncello studies of a student from the very beginning . I seek to turn the involvement of performative elements and different registers of instrumental techniques outside of the usual classical instrumental skills, into a normal consideration within the performance.I believe strongly that these skills should be integrated into the educational system in music schools and conservatories, particularly in Spain.I am convinced that if music is a live and unpredictible being, we should change with it and not keeping isolated to what happens nowdays around us. In fact, being aware of this “current” sound and performing, gives us a wider point of view towards any type of repertoire and musical style. I would like to work and go deeper into this subject with people in all ages and levels through courses and masterclass in different environments and centers for musical education.